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April 2019

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Get new students, increase retention, and maximize revenue with MAIA Edge Resources.

4 Reason Why Our Members Choose Us


New students are the lifeblood of any school. Make sure you have the tools and systems in place to keep a flood of new members coming in 24-7. With Social Media marketing and special events geared towards boosting memberships, MAIA Edge has everything you need to fill each and every spot on your mat.


Getting new students is important, but it means nothing without keeping them. MAIA Edge has you covered! We have newsletters for your students and parents, Lessons of the Month, and Retention Based Special Events to name a few. Also, there's a whole section of Business Edge videos that help boost retention!


MAIA Edge will help you boost revenue throughout all 5 profit centers and support you with tutorial videos that keep you on track with generating more revenue for your school. The more resources you provide for yourself, the better situated you are to make a greater impact on your community. The lengthy process of brainstorming and creating successful ideas for your school is almost eliminated through your monthly subscription to MAIA Edge.


Between the resources, marketing materials, and business tools, MAIA Edge has everything you need to get results in your school. Our team of professional Martial Artists are here for you every step of the way.